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OPG Dental X-Ray
OPGs (Orthopantograms) is a type of dental x-ray that produces a wide panoramic scanning dental x-ray of
your upper and lower teeth. OPGs are used regularly in routine check-ups to monitor and assess the health of
your teeth and gums.
Oral conditions that can be diagnosed and monitored by OPGs include:

  •  oral infections & abscesses
  •  gum disease
  •  oral fractures
  •  dislocated jaws & other jaw issues
  •  hidden decay & cavities
  •  tumours, cysts and other disorders
  •  abnormal tooth development
  •  impacted teeth & wisdom teeth development
  •  dental implant planning

Spencer Family Dental has a state-of-the-art OPG machine onsite. Our OPG machine delivers premium image
scans of your teeth, gums and jaw instantly, so that our dentists can accurately assess your oral condition
during your check-up.